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A few days before new year I found myself stuck in Manchester Airport waiting for a flight that kept getting further and further away. One of the few good things about being stranded in an airport with only a notebook and a copy of Wired magazine to keep me company is it gave me plenty of thinking time. With 2013 gaining ever closer I started compiling some resolutions that would take Digital Polish into the new year. This is what I came up with…


These days nearly everything and everyone can be reached without leaving our seats, but just because we could live life without any physical interaction with the outside world thanks to the wonders of the Internet, that doesn’t mean we should.

We at Digital Polish will be among the first to stand up and champion the digital age and the advancement of technology, but at the same time we understand the value of meeting and speaking to people in person. And we’re not alone.

Across the web bloggers, entrepreneurs and researchers are shouting out about the need for more face-to-face interaction. In his article ‘human connection in the digital age’ Nikolas Badmington states

“In this always-on, hyper-connected world we find less reason to have actual face-to-face conversations that lead us to real connection and new insights. We have become the real world Dr.Jekyll and the Digital Mr. Hyde where anonymity and technology can bring out the worst in us.”

This is why this year we plan to travel more, see more people and experience new places. We may work in the digital realm but at the heart of our business are people and communities.

Be Inspired

This leads nicely into the next resolution for Digital Polish in 2013. Be inspired. A friend recently posted on Facebook that she had only been “seeing brick walls” when it came to spotting the opportunities around her and that this was going to change in 2013. I think this is something we can all relate to, a ‘forest for the trees’ moment.

It’s great when inspiration just jumps out at you, but sometimes you’ve got to search for it. That’s why in 2013 we will be searching for the people who make us think differently (to paraphrase one of this century’s greatest inventors), exploring hubs of innovation and making time to take in what’s around us.

Don’t accept the expected

Our final resolution is not to accept what is expected. It’s easy to get caught up in the status quo. Digital Polish was founded on a passion for creating engaging original content and that’s something we don’t want to lose. That is why for every project and every client we will continue to build from outside the box and discover new ways to communicate the messages that matter.

photo credit: rishibando via photopin cc

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