An Intern’s Insight into the World of Content Creation

So this is it – my last day in Digital Polish and my final blog post. Whilst writing my previous blog posts and updating the social media sites, I’ve had the chance to read a lot of articles which have really opened up the notion of ‘content’ to me. I came into this internship not really grasping the concept of content and now I’m able to come away knowing so much more and understanding just how big and important an area it is – and not just for businesses.

Something that really surprised me was just how many apps there are out there to help you to create and manage your content. From apps that help you to generate ideas to turning them into content and then publishing that content. One of the top 5 apps in my first blog post was Hootsuite. I have been using this platform to post content to Digital Polish’s Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts so it has given me the opportunity to see just how useful these tools can be for any business.

My second blog post looked specifically at Google+ as a social media network but it has allowed me to see just how important the use of social media is. In this post I focused on the community aspect and getting involved with those who you are connected with. This is something which can be readily applied to the rest of your social media platforms as involvement with your audience gives them a more personal experience of your brand and helps you to stay, or become more connected with the outside world, as it were.

After the August Bank Holiday I had a look at the Vines which had been posted following the weekend’s events. Everyone can create, upload and share their own content and social media is encouraging this. With apps like Vine and Instagram for creating videos and photos, it’s become more fun to share content we’ve created ourselves –  you’re not just taking a photo any more, you’re Instagraming it. It’s not just businesses who are creating content for the world to see, it’s anyone who owns a smartphone or has something that they want to share with their friends, followers and the rest of the internet.

Next up I looked at on-demand streaming services and the merits of Netflix and LoveFilm Instant and how they are changing how we watch TV. This can also be looked at as content on a particular site itself. These platforms gain subscribers, and therefore generate their income, by relying on big established production companies and channels to provide them with content. On-demand streaming services have to provide the user with what they want to see, otherwise, like I mentioned in my fourth blog post, they will look elsewhere for it. Because of this reliance, both Netflix and LoveFilm Instant are having to create their own original content. This way they are providing the user with something unique that they can’t get anywhere else.

So over the past few weeks I’ve learnt that content comes in many forms and can be utilised for many different reasons, depending on who has created it and who they are creating it for. It’s been quite an eye-opener as I never quite realised just how vast content really was and have discovered that there is so much more to it – it’s a whole world that I hadn’t ever properly ventured into before, until now!

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Ceri Dack

Digital Marketing at Digital Polish
Ceri is a Media Professional Studies student at Liverpool John Moores University and is currently doing a Digital Marketing Internship with Digital Polish.

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