Content Matters! Top 5 apps for content creation

Content is everywhere on the web, from company websites to social media. Without it the online world couldn’t function – it would just be empty. So why does it matter so much? Content is what your customers or consumers engage with and quite often it is the first insight they get into you and your […]  (more ...)

The Lean Startup: Getting out of the building

When speaking with a colleague this week, he remarked “everyone seems to own a startup”. Ok, so when you work in an office full of new companies then yes everyone does seem to own a startup, but it’s also true that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well at a time when economic challenges are […]  (more ...)

Disrupting the News: Monetizing Digital Journalism

In July 2011 I wrote an article on the new wave of journalism for The Next Web. In it I looked at how journalism was evolving in the digital age and asked the question, what is the future of journalism? A little under two years later and I’m still asking myself the same question. However, […]  (more ...)

Digital Polish Resolutions 2013

A few days before new year I found myself stuck in Manchester Airport waiting for a flight that kept getting further and further away. One of the few good things about being stranded in an airport with only a notebook and a copy of Wired magazine to keep me company is it gave me plenty […]  (more ...)