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It’s been pretty quiet on the Digital Polish site of late, but there’s been plenty going on behind the scenes. Recently DP has upped sticks from our home in the north and moved to the bustling streets of the Capital. 

Looking to take full advantage of what London has to offer, this morning I attended my first Creative Mornings session… and what a session to make my debut. The theme across the global chapters this month was ‘Rebel’ and Creative Mornings London delivered. Our speaker was serial entrepreneur and former deputy CEO of Tech City, Benjamin Southworth.

What I learnt about Benjamin from his talk is that he is a walking contradiction… and in the best possible way. Despite having the intelligence and success of someone with a 1st degree under his belt, Benjamin never went to university and left school with just one A-level. It was his negative experience in school that inspired him to put together a proposal for a new free school for 16 – 19 year olds . Despite having political views that differ greatly from those of our current government, Benjamin worked as an advisor to David Cameron with Tech City from 2012 to 2013 championing the work of the tech community. It was these contradictory factors along with the concept of disruption through democracy that were the themes of his talk.

My main take-away from listening to Benjamin speak at Warner Yard this morning was that we can all do more. It doesn’t need to be extreme. We should take our passion (whatever that may be) and do something, big or small, to make a difference.

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